Obama is coming Cannon Falls

Today I put a post up about this on the Quill and Quilt blog. Obama is coming on Monday. We have already seen a decent jump in website traffic. Google had picked up our page right away. Now our page will stay in a decent spot over the next several days and news stories will bounce around on the news sites as they get moved off of page one. So hopefully we will build.
I also posted on Facebook and had some nice comments. We run an “I Love Cannon Falls” page on Facebook and a small fight broke out. American politics is a touchy subject and to bring it up in a non politic place is very hard. I do think this is good for Cannon Falls so it has its place. The president brings press and people to where ever he goes and has chosen to come to us. So lets enjoy it. I want to celebrate the event and not think about whether or not I like one side or the other.
We are thinking of a welcome banner or something else to just attract attention to us for the day. Now that I think about it, we will want our flyers all over town too.

Banner we are having made.

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